Halo Infinite’s Christmas-Themed Winter Contingency Event Starts Today

Halo Infinite’s New Seasonal Event Has Officially Started

Halo Infinite has a seasonal event that just launched today. Just like the franchise’s previous event, this new Winter Contingency event also has a multitude of cosmetic options available, all at no additional charge. 

Halo Infinite players will need to commit a huge portion of their time to the event. According to multiple reports, players will have to play at least one match per day for 10 out of the next 14 days.

halo infinite winter contingency event

The game’s Christmas-themed will pretty much feel like Fracture: Tenrai to most fans. The two events are attached to a separate battle pass that players use to progress through in tandem with the game’s standard battle pass.

Players get to unlock new levels on the pass whenever they are able to complete weekly challenges. This is quite different from the franchise’s standard battle pass. Unlike the regular one, simply finishing individual missions will open new levels.  The standard one would require players to accumulate XP.

Halo Infinite’s former seasonal event allowed players to progress by finishing event-related challenges. With the Winter Contingency event, however, any challenges taken from the provided play list contribute to knocking out tiers in its battle pass.

Furthermore, rewards for a multiplayer event that is reportedly scheduled to take place in February may have just been leaked. These said rewards are going to be a Mark V Zeta Helmet, Claw Patrol Spartan Pose, Scorpion Punch Amour Coating, UA/Mauros Helmet Attachment, in addition to some challenge swaps and Xp grant tokens.

Halo Infinite’s event will run from today through early January. The official end date of the event is actually on January 3rd. However, some insiders within Microsoft have revealed that the event will last until 1pm ET on January 4th.

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