Cyberpunk 2077’s Cosmetic Monorails Now Fully Rideable, Thanks to Mod

See Cyberpunk’s World From A Whole New Angle

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 was, well…

Come on. You know how it went down.

But don’t let those fools at CD Projekt Red trick you. The game may have been misbehaving at launch, but that was all just a distraction! You’ve been led astray, deceived, your attention drawn elsewhere to avoid a critical flaw. Between all the bugs and generally-shoddy release, you never bothered to look up. Open your eyes, people!

The monorails! Those decorative, sprawling monorail tracks that snaked their way through Night City… they were a front. A fake buisness that you could never even enter. Sure, you could drive. Sure, you can fast travel. But the lack of elevated rail-based public transit in Night City left the game with a critical flaw, one that was swept entirely under the rug and forgotten about. How could you ever have a passable game without a fully-functional monorail system? You can’t name a single good game that didn’t have a monorail in it. Not one. It’s impossible. Don’t try it (please don’t try it).

Cyberpunk 2077

But one modder, one hero, saw the world for what it was – a barren wasteland masquerading as a prosperous city. Breaking into the mainframe and shrouding themselves in their Hacker(tm) sweater, they put their coding skills to the test and made something truly incredible.

You can ride them now. You can go to the station, board a monorail car, and witness Cyberpunk 2077’s world in all its glory. The peace, the tranquility, the unmatched good that arises from public transit systems… it’s all here. The game has been saved. And our messiah, the ingeniously-named keanuWheeze, is ready to accept your praise. Board the car, enter a first-person or third-person view, and witness the glory unfold in real time.