Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.12 Comes Out with Highlights

Addressing Key Issues and Enhancing Cyberpunk Gameplay Across Platforms

CD Projekt Red has unveiled Patch 2.12 for Cyberpunk 2077, catering to players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. This update focuses on rectifying prevalent issues, including key bindings, experienced by players following the deployment of Patch 2.11.

Among the platform-specific adjustments, Xbox users will benefit from a fix preventing Cyberpunk 2077 from entering an infinite loading state. However, the improvements extend beyond platform-specific concerns, with a multitude of changes applicable to all players. Notable fixes include resolving menu accessibility issues, refining the description of the Sonic Shock quickhack for accuracy, and more.

Patch 2.11, which preceded this update, tackled a variety of bugs and balance irregularities within the game. Melee finishers, movement inconsistencies, and item upgrade errors were among the issues rectified. Additionally, adjustments were made to game dynamics, such as the frequency of car chases and the completion status of gigs displayed on the map.

These recent updates follow the game-altering Update 2.0, which introduced significant enhancements like a revamped perk system and improved AI. Moreover, subsequent updates, such as Update 2.1, introduced additional content such as a comprehensive metro system, romantic partner interactions, and new vehicle options.

Outlined below are select patch notes, encompassing both platform-specific and universal adjustments:

  • Corrected key binding issues on AZERTY keyboards.
  • Resolved quest objective switching assignment for all keyboard configurations.
  • Addressed performance stuttering with the “Prioritize P-Cores” option in collaboration with Intel.
  • Fixed crashes associated with Razer Chroma enabled devices in partnership with Razer.
  • Improved NPC hair appearance in vehicles with Ray Tracing enabled.
  • Resolved Xbox-specific issues related to infinite loading states and menu accessibility.
  • Clarified the behavior of the Sonic Shock quickhack in its description.
  • Enhanced controller cursor visibility for improved navigation.
  • Various quest-specific fixes, including progression blockers and combat mechanics adjustments.

With each update, CD Projekt Red continues its commitment to refining and enriching the Cyberpunk 2077 experience, striving to deliver a polished and immersive gameplay environment for players across all platforms.