Halo Infinite Video Review – Room for Improvement

Halo Infinite Video Review

It’s here, boys and girls. The stunning conclusion to 343 Industries’ Halo trilogy. Halo Infinite has been six years in the making and there is a lot of it. It pains to say though, it is not the masterpiece that diehard fans were hoping for.

The game is very good. It has some of the best core gameplay that the series has to offer. But maybe it is not “six years in the making” good. The improvements to the gameplay, such as the new abilities and gear are welcome, but the issues we have a broader.

Halo Infinite

In the campaign, there is a drastic change in how the game works. Prior Halo games had individual missions, while Halo Infinite is an open world game. It is fun to explore and approach objectives however you want, but it also kind of feels like filler between the main story missions.

The open world aspect feels very fresh. The pacing is obviously very different from the missions of Halos past, but beating down the Banished never gets old, especially with all the tools of destruction available. The actual story however, feels safe, but predictable. Veterans of the series will have it figured out pretty quickly.

If you feel that Halo lives or dies by its multiplayer, you may have some issues with the current state of it. It has been addressed, but the progression system in Halo Infinite is very not good. The gameplay itself is amazing, but there are glaring issues, such as the lack of content.

No game these days is perfect right off the bat, but a Halo game at launch should have more than this. There are no classic Slayer, Team Slayer, or SWAT game modes to speak of. As many complaints as we may have, it is out of a profound love for the series. The issues are also not from anything fundamental about the game and will likely be fixed sometime down the road.

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