Marvel’s Avengers Releasing War Machine Cosmetic to Players

Variable Threat Response Battle Suit

This week, Marvel’s Avengers will be updating the game for the last time. Back in January, Crystal Dynamics announced that support for the game would cease this year. When the last update hits on March 31st, the development team is giving out one last gift before saying goodbye.

The Variable Threat Response Battle Suit cosmetic will be available to all players who have unlocked an Achievement or Trophy in Marvel’s Avengers before April 1st, 2023. One of the earliest and easiest achievement to unlock is called Golden Ticket. You can get it by completing the A-Day comicbook hunt as Kamala in the prologue.

Marvel's Avengers

As for the cosmetic itself, you can probably recognize it. It is Variable Threat Response Battle Suit aka Mark I aka the War Machine armor. Years ago, at this point, the designs for Black Panther and War Machine were leaked. As the design for Black Panther was used. it seems that the War Machine design is also the same as this new skin.

What this tells us is that at some point in post-launch content development, War Machine was considered for DLC. In the trailer showing off this cosmetic, the shoulder-mounted turret follows Iron Man’s head movements. This indicates some planning had to be done to make this work.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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