Against the Storm Builds a Bond With Timberborn- Announces Bundle

Beaver Building Buddies 

It’s always a beautiful thing when two similar games let players experience them together. Especially when those games have so much in common.  Eremite Games and, fellow Polish Studio, Mechanistry are happy to announce the release of their newest bundle: Beaver Builder Bundle. Of course, the bundle contains Eremite’s dark fantasy city-builder Against the Storm and Mechanistry’s lumber-punk city builder, Timberborn. A press release provides more details on the games in the bundle. Additionally, a YouTube trailer gives fans a look at both games in the bundle. 

Against the Storm-Timberborn

The Beaver Builder Bundle features the two prominent city-building games. Available until April 9th, is offering fans 10% off of both games, combining the prices. Importantly, both games have a great deal in common. 

For those unaware, Against the Storm is a city-building sim set in a dark fantasy world of eternal rain. Importantly, players will need to build their settlements to withstand the storms. Construct and level up new buildings, explore, defend yourself, and discover secrets. Importantly, taming the wild around your city will be an integral part of ensuring your survival. 

In a similar vein, Timberborn places players in control of one of several factions of Beavers. The game takes place in a world after human extinction. Their job is to survive, rebuilding and healing the arid planet as they construct their own civilizations. Importantly, fans can get a look at both of these games in the new trailer for the bundle out now. 

The Beaver Builder Bundle is available for $51.74 on Steam. The bundle is available until April 9th. So, will you be grabbing the bundle?