Acola Wins Smash Summit 2023 Over Tweek

The Final Chapter of Summit

The string of international level invitationals that began with Smash Summit 2015 has come to a close. The final Smash Ultimate Summit has concluded and Japan’s top Steve player, Acola, is now champion. Last night, the grand finals of the event saw Acola overcoming Smash legend, Tweek, to claim the event for himself. Of course, this Summit is of specific importance as it may be the last one ever. 


The Summit itself had some absolutely intense sets. For instance, Sheik main, Void eliminating  top player Spargo in round 1 of Losers. However, the journey led to the final battle between Acola’s Steve and Tweek’s Sephiroth. Despite an incredibly first set, Acola manages to reset the bracket and send the two into the final set of Summit 2023. Here, everything was on the line. 

Importantly, Acola winning this Summit would mean two back-to-back wins for the Japan region. Last Summit, fellow Japanes player ProtoBanham, was able to snatch victory away from Light. Furthermore, this was the first time a Japanese player had one Summit. With the bracket reset, Acola was poised to do it again. After a very back and forth fight he would win. 

During the games, it seemed that Acola had answers for everything Tweek tried. The Steve player was able to adapt on the fly, using many of Steve’s mechanics to the absolute top level of play. From spot-dodging frame-perfect, to walling off Tweek’s recovery. Overall, the victory for Acola was well-earned. 

Of course, fans who missed the game can catch the entirety of Summit on the Beyond the Summit YouTube Channel. A huge congratulations to Acola, and all the players at Smash Summit 2023. So, did you watch Summit? What did you think of Acola’s win?