The Winter Soldier Infiltrates Marvel’s Avengers This Month

You’ve Got a Metal Arm?! That Is Awesome, Dude.

Without very much warning at all, Crystal Dynamics is ready to release the newest hero for Marvel’s Avengers. It is fitting that he sneaks up on us, as the newest member of the Avengers is The Winter Soldier AKA James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes.

The Winter Soldier was announced as the next upcoming character for the game back in August. For the past couple of DLC characters, Crystal Dynamics has been pretty low-key (NOT Loki) about the details. This strategy allows each new hero to be like a pleasant surprise release for hardcore fans of the game.

Marvel's Avengers

What we can glean from what Crystal Dynamics has told us, is that this DLC will be a bit bigger than The Mighty Thor DLC. The Mighty Thor did not have any additional missions added. It appears that The Winter Soldier will have his own mission set, similar to how the heroes in the base Marvel’s Avengers do.

The Winter Soldier will have similar playstyles to Captain America and Black Widow, but “he has made them his own and combined them with skills that flow from his Winter Soldier indoctrination and his cybernetic enhancements.”

Just like all the other characters, we can expect MCU outfits for The Winter Soldier to become available. The Winter Soldier will be available starting on November 29th. Marvel’s Avengers is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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