Marvel’s Avengers – The Mighty Thor Is Mighty Stale

Different Timeline, Same Hero

Just in time for Thor: Love and Thunder’s theatrical release, Marvel’s Avengers has released their own version of Jane Foster as Thor. The Mighty Thor is Jane Foster from a different timeline than the one in the game. In her reality, Thor Odinson gave up the mantle after A-Day and never came back. This created a branch reality where Mjolnir called to Jane.

The Mighty Thor joins the Avengers we know after being transported to this reality, allowing there to be two Thors and two hammers. If you are expecting the two characters to be different, you might be disappointed. While there are some noticeable differences, the characters are just barely different.

Marvel's Avengers

Previous expansion characters, like Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Black Panther all had their own mini-campaigns, The Mighty Thor does not. Similar to Spider-Man’s arrival on PlayStation, this character does not have a story of their own for players to complete. She is kind of just dropped into the game without any new content outside of the character herself. Instead, there are audio and text logs to collect.


When Kate Bishop and Hawkeye were released back-to-back, there was some fatigue of having two Hawkeyes. However, even those characters play differently enough to justify having them both on a strike team. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Thor-prime and The Mighty Thor. Almost all of Jane’s moves are lifted directly from the base game’s Thor.

Jane’s Support Heroic and Assault Heroic are the same as Thor’s. They do not function any differently or offer different effects. The same can be said for a lot of the standard moves, such as power or signature attacks.

The Mighty Thor

Some of the differences lay in Jane’s hammer finesse. For instance, her ranged attacks can be chained together for faster strikes. Her light attacks throw Mjolnir a short distance for a second hit. The biggest difference is her Ultimate Heroic, the All-Weapon. Instead of summoning the Bifrost, The Mighty Thor hurls Mjolnir to seek out enemies independently. During this time, she calls upon the All-Weapon to use at close range with a damage boost. Alternatively, Mjolnir can revolve around Jane, striking any enemies that get too close.

Unfortunately, that is as different as the two Thors get. A lot of the Mighty Thor’s emotes and takedowns are also reused. This does not bode well for future characters joining Marvel’s Avengers, especially since the next rumored hero is She-Hulk, another hero based on an existing character.

For die hard fans of Marvel’s Avengers, a new character is always welcome, even if it is almost a carbon copy of a previous one. However, if you are hoping that The Mighty Thor will be fresh enough to breathe new life into the game, this goddess will forsake you.