Next Year Is His Second Coming in I Am Jesus Christ

The Name’s Christ. Jesus Christ.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the wait is almost over. We covered the upcoming game of biblical proportions almost three years ago, I Am Jesus Christ. You may have forsaken thoughts of this game since then, but He has not forgotten about you.

Next month, interested players will be able to play the demo of I Am Jesus Christ. The developer, SimulaM has released a short gameplay trailer just this week. In it, you can see Jesus performing miracles by day and working as a carpenter by other days.

I Am Jesus Christ

As the world’s first superhero, Jesus can uses his magic to catch fish, heal the sick, and get people drunk. Well, he turns water into wine. The trailer also shows some of Jesus’ lesser known abilities, such as telekinesis and Jesus-sense, which is not its official name.

As fun and easy it is to meme on, I Am Jesus Christ is a pretty sincere way of gamifying the story of Jesus. Each of the miracles shown has a different way of approaching the powers of Jesus.

While believers will be able to play the demo next month, the full game is expected to come out in 2023. No official release date has been given. I Am Jesus Christ is currently only supported on PC. In other Jesus/gaming news, the bible is also on Steam apparently. Reviews can be seen here.

Will you be accepting Him into your Steam library? Let us know in the comments below.