The Bible Has Been Ported to Steam, and the Reviews are… Something

You Could Make a Religion Out of This New Steam Game

“Main character dies but the author brings him back for no reason. Lazy writing in my opinion but it gets the job done.”

It’s definitely not the best story I’ve ever heard but I expect it will be a cult classic.”

Apologies for the spoiler in that first comment, but for some reason I don’t think that people will care. A new kinetic novel has popped onto Steam today, and the reviews are pouring in. It’s got 33 of them as of writing, and the game’s currently scoring a “Positive” rating with players. And from what they’re saying, it’s one heck of a ride!

“I am done with all the catgirl games, Jesus Christ is my new waifu”

Now I can finally ask for repentance and forgiveness of my sins. I hope God forgives me for playing all those H-Games.”

“The one visual novel that finally got me to put the beer bottle down.” Says Steam user “AnimeVsReligion”. I’ll give you one guess what their profile picture looked like. If someone like that can recommend this game, you know it’s good.

there will be no steam pass anytime soon

But not all have been so kind. 2022’s “The Bible” by “Bible Games” is far from a perfect release. And with a fanbase this passionate, the few flaws of the game will not escape the omniscient eye of Steam reviews.

“Duplication glitch for infinite wine and fish still not patched. “

“Just a ripoff of The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Personally I don’t see derivative art as that much of a problem –  remember when all shooters were called “Doom clones”?

There are also reviews noting the lack of some features (such as a way to identify which version of the Bible this is), but those reviews weren’t very funny so I stopped reading. You can do it yourself, though: they’re all right here.