Hitman 3 Caught in Controversy, Has 50% Negative Steam Reviews

Players Are Having a Rough Time Buying Hitman 3

If you look at discussion on Hitman 3, you’ll find that anything gameplay-centric trends extremely positive. Hitman is known as a premier stealth title, one of the best in the industry. So why are the game’s Steam reviews so poor?

Unfortunately, there’s a little dance that people have to go through before they actually play a game. You have to buy it – and for Hitman, that process is a bit more convoluted than some players would like. And because that experience is universal, it’s one that’ll inevitably get shared in the game’s reviews.

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First of all, there’s an all-too-common issue of progress not carrying over between game versions. It’s not unheard of for games to release like this, but it’s always a tad disappointing to see.

Second of all, there’s the price. The game just released on Steam for the same price as its Epic Games Store counterpart. This seems fair at first glance, though a few factors complicate things. Launch sales are common on storefronts like Steam, older titles see sales more often, and the Epic Games Store has already offered players significant discounts on several occasions. Many players feel as though the full price tag simply isn’t worth it. Making things worse is the fact that prices vary between regions, sometimes to a significant degree.

Third of all, there’s just too many different editions of the game to sift through. There’s a Standard edition, a Deluxe, a Trilogy, Premium add-ons, and several more. Many players are having a hard time figuring out where the content they want is, and “trying to get the best bang for your buck” has become a daunting task.