New Battlefield 2042 Glitch Lets You Easily Negate Smoke Grenades

Hard to Shroud This Battlefield 2042 Bug

Battlefield 2042 has been having a rough time of it. Design problems have plagued the fledgling release, and will likely continue to do so. But it’s not every day when players can weaponize a glitch in their favor! But a reddit post made a discovery. Today is one of those days.

Simply put, if you see a wall of smoke approaching, you can just open your “collections” menu. The smoke will probably be gone by the time you get back into gameplay, but as we can see from the video, it’s not guaranteed. You’ll need to stand still for a few seconds, but that’s usually better than stumbling around blind.

Players are reacting… well, about as harsh as you’d expect. Many of them are already fed up with Battlefield 2042’s bugs, and this had led to some degree of fatigue. The comments of that post are a mixed of stunned surprise and disgust at the game’s buggy state. One user even went so far as to say: “This game is like eating a soggy pizza that came out of the oven just a bit too early. It could have been so good but hunger got the better of them and now its disappointing”, which… uh, is certainly a comparison. It seemed to resonate with a few other users though.

With the release of other competing shooters like Halo Infinite, the developers behind Battlefield 2042 will have to work hard. When community trust is damaged, it’ll take some time to repair. Certainly not an impossible task, No Man’s Sky went through a much harsher version of this – but still a big ask. Hopefully a great game can be salvaged out of something like this! Otherwise, it’s easy to see players moving to other games.