A Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 2042 is Somehow Better at Killing Tanks Than Anything Else

Heavy Armor Rolling Out? Better Grab Some Anti-Infantry Gear, I Guess

Battlefield 2042 may be a wild ride, but somehow I doubt that this is what Electronic Arts had in mind. The franchise sets itself apart from the competition with its vehicle sandbox, but things got a little wonky in 2042. Historically, your best anti-vehicle option has always been rocket-propelled; “Big gun kills the big target” makes a lot of intuitive sense, but statistically, it’s the wrong choice for Battlefield 2042. A sniper rifle – you know, the thing designed to kill infantry – somehow offers better damage and is easier to use.

Now, the intended path for tank destruction is the M5 Recoilless. It’s a rocket launcher with solid damage, but a slow projectile speed and slower reload. As discovered in a reddit post, it takes 4 rockets to make the big scary tank go away – a daunting task when you’re being hunted by a wall of metal, but if you play your cards right, it’s not impossible. But as you may expect, “hard but possible” is a bit frustrating when it’s also the best anti-tank option. In the words of every infomercial ever, “there has to be a better way!”

Well my friend, let me sell you on the NWT-50. According to that same reddit post, it far surpasses the M5 Recoilless. Damage is okay, but the launcher’s downsides are all but nullified. As demonstrated, you can plug shot after shot into the metal behemoth. You’ll down in it about half the time.

Now, there is one unique downside to the NWT-50. It’s not accessible until later in the match. But once you get to that point… well, I think IGN put it best when they said it “makes the M5 feel like a wet noodle launcher you’re forced to use until you can unlock a real anti-armor gun“.