Dead Cells Everyone is Here Update is Now Live

Dead Cells is more Alive than Ever

The Dead Cells update teased last week is finally out on consoles right now. The everyone is here update is adding many new outfits and weapons brought over from other games as well as some balancing changes and bug fixes.

dead cells

For those who don’t know, Dead Cells is a single-player, roguelike platformer developed by Motion Twin. You play as a mass of cells that have taken over the body of a dead prisoner. You are then free to leave the prison and explore. The game takes place in a kingdom that was struck with a plague that has turned most of its citizens into horrifying monsters. You can upgrade your weapons, health, abilities and more by fighting monsters and gathering treasure.

The game just received an update that has fans of various indie games excited. The everyone is here update features characters from 6 different indie titles represented through outfits and weapons. The games included are Blasphemous with the Face Flask weapon and Penitent’s outfit, Curse of the Dead Gods with the Machette and Pistol weapon and Explorer’s outfit, Guacamelee with the Polo Power weapon and Luchador’s outfit, Hollow Knight with the Pure Nail weapon and Vessel’s outfit, Hyper Light Drifter with the Hard Light Sword/Hard Light Gun weapon and The Magician’s outfit and Skul with the Bone weapon and Little Bone outfit.

Motion Twin hinted at how to experience this content in the patch notes. Players should probably head to Prison’s Quarters and inspect any and all unusual rooms.

The update brings more than just these characters to the game. Mod support got quite a few additions as well as som bug fixes. Quality of life changes including an added log system to help the developers find any future bugs was added as well. Finally, a few balancing changes and a slew of bug fixes also came with the update.