Daedalic Games Are Up to 90% Off on Steam Right Now

A Sale That Will Take Your Breath Away

Daedalic Entertainment has brought us some pretty memorable titles over the years, including A Year of Rain, Iratus: Lord of the Dead, Unrailed!, and Witch It. If you’re a bit behind on the studio’s catalog, now is a great time to get caught up, because there’s a Publisher Sale on Steam right now. To celebrate the release of Warpips, CryoFall, and Partisans 1941: Back Into Battle, every Daedalic Entertainment game is massively discounted, with sales going all the way to 90% off. Plus, some popular bestsellers are getting serious updates, such as submarine sim Barotrauma‘s new Embrace the Abyss update. It’s a good time to go digging through the Steam sale page.

Warpips is the developers’ newest release. Currently in early access, this title allows you to build a vast army from a diverse roster of vehicles and infantry–all without demanding that you micromanage like you’re playing Pikmin. Partisans 1941: Back Into Battle returns to the Partisans 1941 universe with a DLC pack that adds two new game modes, brand-new sandbox gameplay, and customizable scenarios, among other updates. It’s a great opportunity to head back to the Eastern Front.

Embrace the Abyss allows Barotrauma players to dive deeper than ever before, introduces world events, new mission types, a variety of new abyssal monsters, and adds a slew of player experience updates. You’re sure to find at least one solid reason to return to Europa and sink below those alien waves once more. If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi, villain-centric RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead just introduced a new Werewolf minion as a free game update. That’s definitely worth checking out.

The Daedalic Publisher Sale will last from April 29th to May 3rd, 2021, on Steam.

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