Gina Gershon Joins the Borderlands Movie as Mad Moxxi

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The cast of the Borderlands movie is shaping up to be a collection of fan-favorite heroes from the video games, rather than a reflection of them. The characters in the first game were few and their personalities were limited. So, it kind of makes sense to add a wider variety of familiar faces, but it does run the risk of creating an unrecognizable story. Tiny Tina, Krieg, and Commander Knoxx were not part of Borderlands 1, but they have found themselves in the movie, and now Gina Gershon has been cast as Mad Moxxi.

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Moxxi was not in the base game, but made her first appearances in the DLC packs for Borderlands. Since then, she has been a beloved side character and even played a major role in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She is a walking collection of sexual innuendos and an impressive business woman and hostess. Throughout the series she has run the Underdome, Moxxi’s Red Light bar, Moxxi’s in Sanctuary, the Badass Crater Bar, the Up Over bar on Elpis, and Moxxxi’s on Santuary III.

Gina Gershon is a film and voice actress. She been in The Batman as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Riverdale as Gladys Jones, Red Oaks as Fay Getty, Killer Joe as Sharla Smith, and many other projects. Moxxi may not have had any roles crucial to the arc of the Borderlands games, but as a character that fans love, we wait in anticipation for what is in store for her. The Borderlands movie is currently in production.

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