Daedalic Digital Day: 5 Games That Look Absolutely Fantastic

5 Games From Daedalic Digital Day

Daedalic Entertainment had an excellent showing of their upcoming titles at the Future Games Show, highlighting some truly exciting new IPs that we can’t wait to get our hands-on. In an unexpected twist, Daedalic has stepped away from the point-and-click and strategy formats which they are known for to experiment in new and fascinating areas. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about what they have coming down the pipeline, so without further ado here are the five upcoming games we are excited for from Daedalic Entertainment.

*A quick note before we get started: Daedalic also showed off their strange and raunchy turn-based combat game, Inkulinati, but it will not be included on this list as we have already covered the game last year. You can read all about it here.

5. Hidden Deep

A spooky and inspired game that borrows pieces from Lovecraft, The Thing, and other great horror genres, Hidden Deep has been crafted by a single developer. Players will explore deep and dark caves with each level offering up different playable crew members to try and progress through the level using their varied abilities. There are ominous, horrific monsters and terrible traps, hidden areas to excavate, and generally death and darkness around every corner. The game can be played single-player as you swap between characters, or multiplayer with everyone working together to progress to the end of the level. There are currently only two classes to play as: the engineer who can operate heavy machinery and deploy various gadgets, and the scout who is far heartier and combat-ready. The developer has stated he hopes to add in more nuanced and specific classes, but for now this eerie puzzle/survival game works just fine.

Hidden Deep

4. Fling to the Finish

A surprisingly fun and addictive-looking party game, Fling to the Finish sees two players tethered together as they try to progress through colorfully insane and wild obstacle courses. Teams will have to communicate to navigate the stage as they use the tether to fling each other around and race to the finish line. The physics of the game allows the tether of each team to interact and tangle with one another, as well as do wild and crazy things to interact with the environment like looping onto a bundle of balloons to float through the stage or rail-grinding over a gap. In couch co-op players will need to share a controller which only adds to the chaos. Up to 8 players will be able to play, and the potential for customization and cosmetics in this game is huge. We have already seen a handful of delightful characters to play as, so why not offer up some cosmetics to really make it your own?

Fling to the Finish

3. Glitchpunk

Inspired by the original Grand Theft Auto games, Glitchpunk takes the true top-down approach to a city gone mad and elevates it with rogue-like elements, a strong narrative, and absolutely dripping in the Cyberpunk aesthetic. Washing the classic genre in a cyberpunk aesthetic, the game allows players to augment their characters, hack their surroundings, and generally cause the same level of mayhem and carnage as the original GTA games. You’ll be stealing cars, completing missions, and causing general mayhem to your hearts content, and yet there still remains a very real and powerful narrative that you might not expect in something so simple. Glitchpunk offers multiple gangs to ally with and missions which branch and adapt based on your actions. It looks to raise the bar on classic top-down games in a new and hauntingly beautiful way.


2. Life of Delta

The only point-and-click puzzle adventure which made it into the presentation, Life of Delta is set in a future where humanity is all but extinct, where a race of evolved and mutated lizard people now reign as the dominant species. You play as Delta, a robot that was set to be decommissioned but was saved by Joe – a fellow robot – who has been taken for disobeying the orders of the lizard people. The art style is incredibly detailed with a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi tinge and brilliant details. The environment is masterfully drawn and captivating across every pixel. It feels like a true piece of art that simply needs to be appreciated. Life of Delta also features a variety of clever mini-games to keep you on your toes, as well as the typical mechanics of finding items to combine and use in unique ways to solve a puzzle. While we don’t know too much yet, the game does look like it will feature a number of brilliant biomes to explore as you follow Delta on his quest to rescue Joe.

Life of Delta

1. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

This was the big one, the grand daddy, the game we all needed to know more about. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is set when he first breaks free from capture underneath Barad Dur. The game is heavily stealth based with a focus on parkour and exploration through Mordor. Stealth is essential to survival as Gollum would never be strong enough to go toe to toe with an orc or other enemy, but he is effective at sneaking up and surprising his enemies to knock them out. From what we were able to glimpse with our first look at the game, each area is a large set-piece with multiple ways to travel and numerous corners to explore not unlike Shadow of Mordor/War. There is an incredible verticality to the game as well to highlight the monolithic structure that is the dark tower, and the environment feels rich and diverse. Players will easily spend hours exploring every nook and cranny from the darkness just to make sure they don’t miss anything. If the opening area we saw is any indication of the rest of the game, expect to get lost in Mordor as you explore in every possible way BUT walking.


What did you think of the new line-up of Daedalic games? Which ones are you most interested in checking out? Be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

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