Inkulinati Draws Out of Early Access February 22nd

March of the Drawings 

An ink-based world is going to war. From fish to monkeys and any other animal you can imagine. The animals of this world are assembly themselves into armies and will fight to see who is the best. However, the outcomes of these strategic battles are up to the player. Today, Yaza Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment are happy to announce the official release date for their strategy game, Inkulinati. Allowing players to step into a medieval scroll themed world, players will be in charge of leading whimsical yet strategically complex battles. From sword wielding rabbits, to fish with bows, step out of Early Access and into the full version of this inky warzone. 


Inkulinati introduces players to the titular order. This order is made up of people who live in a world of ink. Players take on the role of members of these order and battle ink creatures against other members. Interestingly, the order is made up of famous medieval figures like Dante. Players will be responsible for developing an army of ink beasts to throw against the enemy. Importantly, each army is made up of a specific kind of beasts. Of course, each army brings its own special mechanics. Obviously, these mechanics change the way battles play out. For instance, fish flood the battlefield and fight from puddles. Furthermore, players can enjoy puzzle-like missions in the story mode or start travelling to full on grand battles.

Importantly, a 1.0 release date trailer shows off some of the gameplay of Inkulinati. Additionally, players can check out the unique art style of the game in the trailer. View the trailer below.

Inkulinati is releasing for PC via Steam,  Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch.