PUBG Ditching Paramo With the End of Season 9

PUBG’s Volcano Map Isn’t Lasting Long

While PUBG recently added an active Volcano map with dynamic lava to the battle royale known as Paramo, it looks like the map is going away with the conclusion of Season 9. PUBG Corp. hasn’t confirmed when fans can expect this map to go bye-bye but it looks like┬áSeason 9 Ranked mode will end with server maintenance on December 16th. PUBG is available right now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and through the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

“Season 9 is coming to an end and so is the map ‘Paramo,” said the official PUBG Twitter account. “With only a few more days to enjoy ‘Paramo,’ now is your final chance to adventure around the highlands.” While Season 9 brought with it several changes to the game, including the popular Paramo map, it looks like PUBG fans will have to say goodbye to the latest addition to the map rotation soon. PUBG Corp. hasn’t given any hints as to when Paramo will return, but with how much work they put into the map, it’s likely to come back one day.

An active volcano acts as the centerpiece to PUBG’s Paramo, but it’s possible that the dynamic lava is why PUBG Corp. is taking the map away with the conclusion of Season 9. With the release of Season 10, a new map will be added to PUBG even though Paramo will be departing. The new map coming with Season 10 of PUBG is known simply as Haven and PUBG Corp. has teased it briefly on the PUBG Twitter account, showing a soldier sprinting through a smoky tunnel.

Are you sad that Paramo is leaving PUBG or are you just hyped for Haven? Let us know in the comments below!