Hideo Kojima Admits He Isn’t a Prophet

No, Hideo Kojima Didn’t Predict the Pandemic

Hideo Kojima recently admitted that he isn’t a prophet and that Death Stranding wasn’t a prediction of the current worldwide pandemic. According to Kojima, if he was a prophet he would’ve made a better selling game. Death Stranding shows a divided world that Sam “Porter” Bridges needs to piece together by connecting everyone digitally and many fans of the Kojima original saw some parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and Death Stranding. Death Stranding is available for PS4 and PC right now.

death stranding

During Summer Game Fest Hideo Kojima claimed, “I’m not a prophet, but if I was I probably would have a created a game that would sell more.” Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to state immediately after, “Hideo Kojima says he didn’t predict the pandemic. If he was a prophet, he says would have been able to make a higher selling game.” Although Death Stranding may not have sold as much as Hideo Kojima was expecting, it launched to great success and fan fair, but has since dwindled down before making its way to PC.

Hideo Kojima didn’t predict the global pandemic of 2020, but the game continues his critique of the military-industrial complex from other titles he’s worked on. Death Stranding may not have been as big of a title as Hideo Kojima was expecting but it was apparently successful enough to inspire the studio to immediately move on to their next project. Death Stranding only recently came to the PC after being a PlayStation exclusive for the first several months, bringing new fans to the non-prophetic post apocalyptic title.

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