Genshin Impact Beats Sonic Frontiers for the Players’ Voice Award

Genshin Impact Wins Players’ Voice Award This Year

Fans of Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers have been involved in a bitter online war recently. A rivalry like this would be common during Game Awards season. However, it has come to light that both communities have been fighting over the event’s fan-voted award, the Players’ Voice.

In fact, the arguments have been so heated that both sides started to fling insults around. What started off as a show of enthusiasm for both Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers turned into a bitter fight among gamers.

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Fans of the speedy hedgehog wanted their game to get the recognition they felt it deserved. After all, Sonic Frontiers did not get any nominations for the event across any category. For the first two rounds, their numbers were victorious against Genshin Impact. However, the latter was not too far behind. It was actually in the third round that things took a turn.

The two active gaming communities started to hurl accusations towards one another. One side accused the other of using bots to skew the votes. Meanwhile, the other side accused Genshin Impact players of being bribed to submit votes. However, the latter claims that it was some disrespectful artwork depicting Genshin characters being beaten up that motivated the mass voting. Furthermore, there are also reports that claim the Sonic community have been racist towards Genshin players.

The voting period is over, but it remains unknown if the same can be said about the rivalry between the two communities. “You guys were very busy voting the past few days,” Geoff Keighley announced. “Once we took out all the bot votes, the game award goes to Genshin Impact.” The bit about the bots may have been a sly jab, but it does somehow confirm that some foul play had in fact taken place.

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