The Battle Cats Unite! Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Start the fight in The Battle Cats Unite!

PONOS Corporation has released a new title called The Battle Cats Unite! based on the hit mobile game for Nintendo Switch. This exciting new chapter of this epic saga is currently available for just $19.99 on the eShop with many Switch-exclusive features and content. Check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of the game.

The Battle Cats Unite! is an action strategy game where you embark on a journey of world conquest with your Cat Army. You can enjoy it with either one player or two players with one game copy. There are three main stages Empire of Cats, Into the Future, and Cats of the Cosmos. As well as other special Legend Stages and daily stages.

In the two-player mode, each player has control of five different units. You can combine forces to fire the Boosted Cat Cannon and, turn the tide of battle in your favor. There is even a versus mode where you can battle it out with your friend.

Additionally, you can take a break every once in a while in four different mini-games. Aim for the highest score to get special in-game items and Rare Tickets. So, are you ready for the ultimate feline war?