Card Chronicles: Devious Deck Demo Is Launching This Month on Steam

Forge Your Destiny in Card Chronicles: Devious Deck

It’s finally time for a new hero to claim the powers of The Tower of Legends! The Baite Studios has announced that the team is releasing a demo version of Card Chronicles: Devious Deck on 13 July via Steam. This demo will give players a chance to experience the game’s core mechanics. As well as get a taste of its strategic depth and adventure.

Additionally, to celebrate this announcement, the studio has also commissioned a professional artist to redesign the game’s key art. This will be revealed before the launch of the demo.

Card Chronicles: Devious Deck

Card Chronicles: Devious Deck is a unique blend of classic RPG and roguelike deck-builder, where epic adventures meet strategic card battles. You must ascend the Tower of Legends, build your best deck, take down monsters, and pave your own destiny.

Every card that you play comes at the cost of your health points. As a hero seeking the power of the tower, you will need to carefully manage your health. So, choose your moves wisely to come out victorious.

The game will launch sometime this year so, stay tuned for more updates. A development build is currently available on for all those eager to try it out. Remember, your feedback is very crucial and it will help shape the final game with enhanced experience for all.