Genshin Impact Devs Tease What to Expect From Next Update

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 Coming on December 7th

Genshin Impact devs just teased fans with what they can expect from the next update. At the moment, players are busy with Version 3.2. However, devs just aired a special program that gave the gaming public some information on Version 3.3.

genshin impact 2.8 trailer revealed

Fans of the game are expecting new characters. Unfortunately, the specific details about which ones they are getting are most likely going to be a surprise. What they do know for sure is that a couple of Wish Events are going to come with Genshin Impact’s Version 3.3 update.

Phase 1 is bringing a boosted drop rate for both Faruzan and Arataki Itto. After this, Genshin Impact is getting yet another pair of increased drop rates for Phase 2. First will be Shogun who happens to be a character with an affinity to electricity. With that said, she will have a very special attachment to the setting of Version 3.3. The second one is the water-wielding Kamisato Ayato.

As previously mentioned, Raiden Shogun will play an important part to Genshin Impact’s upcoming story content. “There have been a multitude of legends surrounding Inazuma since ancient times,” the trailer description read. “Some of these tales naturally are linked to the generations of long-lived youkai.”

It would seem that Genshin Impact players will have to fight some massive beasts when the game returns to Inazuma. Fans of the franchise are well aware that this particular city worships Shogun who is also known as the God of Eternity Ei. With that said, the franchise’s following is excited to see what Version 3.3 has to offer. It is reportedly due to kick off on December 7th.

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