Sims 4 Removes ‘Unacceptable Content’ With New Update

Sims 4’s New Update Is Getting Rid of Racist And Antisemitic Content

Sims 4 devs announced to the gaming public today that they are getting rid of some “unacceptable content” that made its way into the game. Many players have noticed that there has been a surge in racist and antisemitic content since the game became free to play. EA rolled out the recent update to improve its profanity filter.

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We are aware of and have seen some select instance of wholly unacceptable content that has been uploaded to The Sims 4 Gallery,” devs wrote. With that said, they want players to know that their development team is already hard at work at fixing this issue. They “reviewed and made critical updates to the profanity filter to help prevent this from happening again in the future.”

Sims 4 fans initially thought that they were to blame for this change. After all, many of them uploaded memories of the glitch that allowed their Sims to date their own family members. Some others assumed it was because of their excitement about WooHooing werewolves. 

It has been quite the year for the Sims franchise. Its following got the chance to relive their most awkward years in the High School expansion pack in July. Plus, devs also announced the Sims 5 in October.

At the moment, the next installment is going by the codename Project Rene. Devs are keeping its development under wraps for now. Apart from a brief snippet of gameplay, the gaming public does not really know anything about it. Considering that the fifth game is still in its early development stage, Sims 4 will be the current version of the game for a while.

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