Sims 4 New Update Has Characters Wanting to Date Their Relatives

A Sims 4 Bug Is Making Characters Want to Date Family

The Sims 4 just got a new update ahead of its upcoming High School Years expansion. Devs rolled out this patch to add a broader selection of orientations. However, some fans noticed side effects that they most certainly did not expect.

Many Sims 4 players have observed that their sims started to become older at a much faster rate. What takes the cake, however, is their observation that the characters actually want to date the members of their own family. It would seem that in-game romance has totally excluded family ties.

sims 4 new update wanting to date relatives

One fan complained on social media that a grandmother wanted to ask her own son to be her boyfriend. She may have looked a bit horrified at the idea. However, this did not stop the sim from wanting to be intimate with her own offspring. With that said, it has come to light that Sims 4’s new update did not take familial relationships into account for some reason.

Why is my sim getting a whim to ask her own son to be her boyfriend?” the fan wrote. This is not a one-off situation since multiple players have come out of the shadows to complain about the same thing. Overall, this bug has Sims 4 feeling very uncomfortable with the situation.

“In the recent update I made a new save, more to have a new family and fresh start on my Sims games,” the fan wrote. “However, this has unfortunately triggered the whim Ask <name> to be Boyfriend which would all be find and dandy if she was not thinking about it for her father.”

Fortunately, EA is aware about this Sims 4 problem. “I just wanted to acknowledge that the want to date a family member is something we know about,” devs confirmed. “We are working on it, we are looking to get it fixed as soon as possible.”

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