Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories Now Allow Accidental Deaths

The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories’ New Update Allows More Free Will

The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories first made its debut last year. It allowed other neighboring Sims to experience certain events that happen outside of the players’ current households. Gameplay has become relatively more realistic with a new update.

Now, neighbors within the game can die in a variety of grisly ways. They can die from accidents that depend on certain risk factors such as career, traits, and age. Although it sounds completely automated, The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories players are actually given a set of controls that they can use to alter what life changes their neighboring Sims can and cannot have.

sims 4 neighborhood stories accidental deaths

The new life changes are now available. To make the game even more interesting, they expand past the players’ immediate circle of friends, acquaintances, and coworkers.

It would certainly seem that The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories now have more free will towards the other Sims. This is perhaps the devs’ response to a common fan complaint. Apparently, some neighbors remain frozen in time even after they have passed away.

The initial launch of The Sims 4: Neighborhood Stories made several changes available for a small pool of Sims. Now, devs have expanded that with this new free update.

Furthermore, neighboring Sims can now also date others, and can eventually lead to child birth. They can also adopt a pet, change careers, as well as make some surprising choices that players can take a peek in on.

Players can opt in, out, or fine tune their Neighborhood Stories system. With that said, if they do not want their neighbors to have die because of an accident or adopt a pet, they can easily toggle this feature off. They can either adjust the settings just for a specific household or disable it globally all together.

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