Farewell North, Emotional Adventure, Gets New Demo at Gamescon

An Emotional Exploration

Get your paws ready for an adventure through the Scottish Highlands. It’s time to bring some color back to a life. Today Mooneye Studios and developer Kyle Banks are happy to announce that their emotional adventure, Farewell North, will have a playable demo at Gamescon this year. A press release provides more info about the game and its narrative. Furthermore, a new trailer for the game gives players a look at the art style and gameplay. 

Farewell North

Farewell North introduces players to a Border Collie, Chesley, and his owner. Players will play as Chesley as he and his owner adventure across the Scottish Highlands. The player’s goal is to help restore color to the owner’s world. Suffering from depression and grief, the owner’s world has gone grey. Use Chesley to help his owner heal, and give him the chance to come to peace. 

The game highlights exploration, emotion, and light puzzle solving. Of course, there will be several different islands that players can explore at their own pace. Each island offers a chance for players to unravel the story and discover what lead to your human’s depression. Explore, learn, and feel as you adventure through the highlands and learn about life. 

Farewell North will have a playable demo at Gamescon. It is scheduled to release sometime in 2023 and will be available on PC via Steam. However, the developer warns to have some tissues ready for this story. So, are you looking forward to exploring the Scottish Highlands? What do you think about the game’s perspective?