The Sims 4 Is Getting Sexual Orientation Options

The Sims 4 Will Be Even More Inclusive

The Sims 4 is going to be even more inclusive with its next update. Electronic Arts has confirmed to the gaming public that they are going to soon ad sexual orientation options to the game.

As a team, we hold creativity, discovery, inclusivity and play as core values and strive every day to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion for our people and community,” devs wrote. “With that in mind, we are delighted to bring the sexual orientation feature to all Simmers.

the sims 4 sexual orientation options

The gaming community is well aware that EA has been making long strides towards providing a more inclusive The Sims 4 experience. In fact, the game had a customizable pronoun update just this May. The option for players to choose their sexual preferences is yet another big leap towards taking inclusivity further.

Between this update and the recent pronouns update, we are taking several strides forwards into being a game that respects and celebrates the nuance and color of everyday life,” devs continued.

The good news is that this upcoming feature is not going to be paywalled behind the High School Years expansion DLC. Instead, it is going to be added to the base The Sims 4 game as a free update for everyone.

This new feature will be available to The Sims 4 players on July 28th. Players get to choose which gender romantically attracts them and which gender they want to be intimate with. Plus, there is also an option if they are still trying to figure out what their sexual orientation is. This means that this can change later on in the game.

“It is important to acknowledge that these are steps in a journey that we are still mapping out,” devs added. “There is much further to go.”

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