Fall Guys Devs Are ‘Actively Fixing’ Bug Causing Unintentional Purchases

Fall Guys Rep Accused Fans of Lying About Bug

Fall Guys’ transition of becoming a free-to-play game has been a huge success for Epic Games and Mediatonic. Still, just like other titles that made the transition, it had a few bumps. With that said, fans understood that they were going to struggle with a few things.

After Fall Guys made the switch, it seemed that devs did not account for a sudden spike in players. This caused some server problems that pushed devs to disable custom lobbies as well as some parts of the in-game store. Now, a new problem has come to light.

fall guys fixing unintentional purchases

Fans are so upset after they discovered a bug that causes unintentional purchases. They would end up unintentionally buying items when all they really wanted to do was to preview the items. Fans reported this problem to the devs. 

This new shop is a joke—was checking out some items and it literally auto-purchased this face plate I will never use,” one Fall Guys player complained. “At least have a confirm button or something.”

However, it would seem that their pleas for help were initially dismissed. They got accused of lying, too. Fans of the franchise know that the game’s refund policy says all cosmetic purchases are final and non-refundable. However, the Mediatonic rep accused the complainants of making up stories just to get around the rule.

You have stated that this is a ‘bugged purchase’ and a ‘known issue,’” the rep wrote. “Neither of this is the case.” Apparently, this guy named Steve says it was never an issue at all. With that said, he told the complainants that they are not getting anything back as a refund.

The purchase was made by you—not a bug,” he added. “Whether it was intentional or not, this is still the case.

A much nicer Mediatonic rep came out of the shadows to let fans know that they are “actively fixing” the issue. “The customer service response was also not acceptable and we will offer a make good for all affected,” the rep added.

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