Fall Guys Now Has Full Crossplay Support

Fall Guys Devs Confirm Cross-Platform Functionality

Fall Guys devs have confirmed that they have significantly expanded the crossplay functionality for Ultimate Knockout. Devs made this possible with a new update.

Although this feature has been present in the franchise for some time, it was only available for its custom games. Now, Fall Guys players will be able to match up with their friends on PS4 and PS5 consoles in all of its playlists.

fall guys full crossplay support

The time has come,” Fall Guys devs wrote in a blog post. “Our Season 6 update comes with some of our most anticipated functionality.”

You can now party up with your Fall Guys buddies regardless of whether they are on PC or PlayStation, courtesy of some swanky tech from our friends at Epic Online Services!” the devs added. Players can now make cross-platform parties “in any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys from Squads to Duos to Main Show and beyond.”

Players will just need to have the game linked with an Epic Account. They will also have to be friends with their console buddy on Epic. Once this has been done, all they need to do is click “invite players” in game. The Nintendo and Xbox ports of Fall Guys will also feature the crossplay function when they launch.

Soon, Fall Guys will have a new mode called Sweet Thieves. This will have two teams, the Thieves and the Guardians, stealing and protecting the candy pieces.

Whilst the Thieves navigate the level to secure and steal candy pieces, Guardians must locate and detain them and ultimately send the Thieves to jail,” devs continued. The Thieves who have been caught can then be freed by their team mates.

The series’ Season 6 started in November. Considering that devs usually have a four-month time frame between seasons, fans are expecting Season 7 to kick off in late March.

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