Fall Guys Season 6 Will Have Cross Progression Features

Fall Guys Season 6 Will Be Bringing Cross Progression Features When It Launches

Fall Guys Season 6 will be featuring cross progression features at launch. The team behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have been religious in rolling out seasonal content, but it looks like the sixth rollout will have a caveat.

Cross progression for Fall Guys Season 6 is good news since it means that players will be given access to any cosmetics that they may have unlocked in any other version of the game. This means that whatever cosmetics they have achieved will not be restricted to the platform that they originally played the game on. The bad news is that the Fall Guys Season 6’s cross progression feature will require players to have an Epic Games account—if they do not already have one.

fall guys season 6 cross progression features

It is via an Epic account that Mediatonic is able to link all of the Fall Guys content to one another. The studio’s blog post has given further detail on how to create an account for those who need help in this matter. 

Once an Epic account has been set up, Fall Guys Season 6 players will need to choose a primary account, either on PS4 or PC. Any Kudos, Shards, or Crows that they have obtained on that selected primary account will become available across all platforms that the game can be played on. However, this action will overwrite any Shards, Kudos, or Crowns that they already have on other platforms. With that said, it might be good idea to spend those first.

Fall Guys fans who have a variety of DLC costumes across different versions of the game have been advised to contact Mediatonic’s support team once their Epic account has been linked in order to sort this out.

Unfortunately, Mediatonic did not provide an official release date for Fall Guys Season 6. However, they do have a live stream scheduled for November 23rd, so players may want to tune in to get that information.

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