Halo Infinite Fans Complain About Multiplayer’s Color & Armor Options

Halo Infinite Fans Aren’t Too Happy With Multiplayer’s Color & Armor Customization Options

Halo Infinite fans were sent into a frenzy when its multiplayer mode surprise launched earlier this week as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebration. Players now have a few weeks to try out the beta version before it officially arrives on December 8th. However, many of them have taken to social media to voice their concerns.

One of the top complaints are Halo Infinite’s battle pass progression issues, as well as its lack of color and armor customization options. Apparently, these options are locked behind paywalls. They are satisfied with the provided variety, but actually getting the colors seems to be more complicated than they expected.

halo infinite multiplayer color armor customization

Each armor core that is unlocked in Halo Infinite gives players access to a multitude of customization features, such as modifying their chest pieces, visors, helmets, utility items, and color options. The color options are explicit to every Spartam armor core, which means that every single Halo Infinite player can obtain access to the Mark VII armor core. However, if they unlock the Mark V armor set, they will not have the same colors.

Some of the colors for the Mark VII armor core are strictly available to it, and those are only accessible through the battle pass or the store—such as the Ghost Grey or the Bleached Bone. Unfortunately, there is no Mark V armor color that can be purchased from the store. The same thing can be said about other armor items, too. This has left many Halo Infinite fans confused about why certain colors are restricted to specific armor sets, especially since it seems to be a step away from they have gotten used to within the Halo Infinite franchise

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is free to play, so it only makes sense that it will have certain monetization options—usually entirely cosmetic. However, players have always had free rein when it came to customizing their Spartan armor and colors. With that said, many fans think that this situation can be corrected.

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