Halo Infinite Has New Teaser Amid Rumors of Surprise Multiplayer Launch

Halo Infinite Devs Shared a New Emotional Teaser About the Story Behind Master Chief’s Exoskeleton Tech

Halo Infinite fans were treated to a brand new teaser that gives more information about how Master Chief got his exoskeleton technology. The video was released amid ongoing rumors—that the devs have neither confirmed nor denied—that the game’s multiplayer element is going to be launched earlier than scheduled as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebration.

halo infinite new teaser trailer

The recently shared Halo Infinite teaser is the latest from a series that provided Halo fans with small glimpses of the backstory behind Master Chief’s equipment. With this one, however, fans were also able to get a look at the colonial minders who made the ultimate sacrifice just so they could extract the ore after the bombardment of a UNSC excavation site. Compared to the earlier Halo Infinite teasers, this one certainly took a more emotional turn as it tugged on Halo fans’ heart strings.

After the Covenant bombarded a UNSC excavation site, colonial miners volunteered to extract an ore needed to fortify the Master Chief’s exoskeleton,” read a line from the teaser. “Only the ore reached the surface before the ongoing attack threatened total collapse.”

This Halo Infinite teaser is actually the third episode in the UNSC Archives series—all of which shared deeper information about the “untold stories of humanity and heroism” from the whole Halo lore. The first episode was about the Master Chief’s energy shields, while the second one revealed the origins of Master Chief’s Grappleshot.

As previously mentioned, this teaser was released amid reports that Microsoft is going to shadow-drop Halo Infinite’s multiplayer on Monday—instead of on December 8th, as originally scheduled. According to speculations, they will do this as part of the event that celebrates the 20th anniversary of both the Halo franchise and the Xbox brand. As of the moment, these reports remain unverified.

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