Sifu Developers Teases Big Announcement Next Week

What it could be is anybody’s guess 

Slocap is making sure that it has the player’s attention, with the teasing of something about the game coming out in the next week. They don’t even say what day of the week that the information, whatever it may be, will be released. This may be a little too little information for whatever big announcement that Sifu may be. But it may be enough to make people at least a little excited. This teaser was released on a Tweet by the Sifu games official Twitter account, and while there is a gif of gameplay within, we don’t know what else may be within.


For those who don’t know, Sifu follows the story of a young martial arts student who spends his life training to avenge his family after they’ve been murdered. As part of this, Sifu has a mechanic that when the character dies, they come back to life- but a little bit older each time.

What little we’ve seen of combat before in this game certainly celebrates the union between combat choreographer Benjamin Colussi and creative director (and co-founder of Sloclap) Jordan Layani’s efforts. Colussi, who is a Pak Mei Master, studied martial arts previously in China, has been shown to be the main person behind the motion capture for the protagonist’s combat movements- which are quick, hard, and give that martial arts movie thrill. We also know that the main character in Sifu can use the machete, the staff, and a baseball bat in unarmed combat, so it may not be about new combat features. The game release has been set for February 22, 2022, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, so it may be possible that the announcement will be that Sifu will be also released on the Xbox series or Nintendo Switch. Or, it may be that there will be a multi-player mode, or better yet, a playable demo version that possible players can download and play for themselves. We will have to see.

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