Nintendo Switch Now Offers Three Previously Japan-Exclusive Games

Three Formerly Japan Only Game Titles Are Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

For the first time in the West, three video game franchises previously available only in Japan will be introduced to the Nintendo Switch Online service. These games include Joy Mech Fight, Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day, and Kirby’s Star Stacker. More seasoned Nintendo fans may find these once-Japanese-only games appealing.

The library of old titles accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online service has expanded recently. Nintendo also stated that in addition to these three titles, a fourth Game Boy game will be a part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

With the most current NSO update, you can play these four games immediately: two NES games, one SNES game, and one Game Boy game. One of the better-known instances that feature the Kirby character is the Super Famicom game Kirby’s Star Stacker. This was a recreation of the Game Boy version of the original Kirby’s Star Stacker that was only available in Japan.

Nintendo Switch Online

The two NES games formerly exclusive to Japan are Joy Mech Fight and Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day. The former is an action sports-focused spin-off of the Kunio-kun series (River City Ransom in the West), in which four players compete to win points in various athletic activities. Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game that Nintendo developed to capitalize on the success of Capcom’s Street Fighter 2.

The above-mentioned video game titles will undoubtedly increase the thrills and excitement among gamers. These games provide distinctive gaming opportunities previously unavailable to gamers outside of Japan. Thanks to their release in the West, fans can enjoy Joy Mech Fight’s exhilarating clashes and March Super-Awesome Field Day’s fierce rivalry.