Halo Infinite Fans Think Multiplayer ‘Will Be Made Available on Monday’

Halo Infinite Devs Will Reportedly Surprise Launch Multiplayer on Monday

Halo Infinite fans were sent into a frenzy when multiple social media accounts claimed that the game’s free-to-play multiplay will be launching on Monday. If true, this will be almost a month before the scheduled release date, which is on December 8th. November 15th marks Halo: Combat Evolved’s 20th anniversary, alongside the release of the original Xbox console.

halo infinite multiplayer surprise launch

I can independently confirm and share with you today that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be made available on Monday, November 15th,” revealed a Halo Infinite player. 

Heroes of Reach – November 15, 2021,” another fan wrote on social media.

There is no proof to back up these claims, but fans were able to spot a line of code from the Xbox Store that cited November 15th as a pre-order release date, specifically at 6pm GMT—which is pretty much when Microsoft is kicking off its Xbox Anniversary Celebration.

It has also been reported that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer servers are actually already accessible. The first listed Fracture event is reportedly scheduled to begin on November 23rd, while Season 1 Heroes of Reach is slated to start on Monday, November 15th. Reports about a planned surprise launch for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been circulating all over the Internet, but 343 Industries still has not done anything to shoot the speculations down.

The silence surrounding this information has pushed Halo Infinite fans to believe that the game’s multiplayer may really be launched in a couple days. It is worth noting, however, that Microsoft is going to be hosting a special broadcast to celebrate 20 years of Xbox on November 15th. The event could be the perfect venue for the multiplayer’s surprise launch. Microsoft could end their show with this news and immediately allow Halo Infinite fans to get on the game and play.

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