Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Early Access Now Available on Steam

Players Can Create Cultures in This Village Building Game

Green Man Gaming Publishing and solo developer, Erik Rempen have announced that Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is making its early access debut on Steam as of November 11.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a game where players can build villages and it is set in a world full of surprises. Players must adapt to extreme weather, other tribes, and beasts as they try to create a culture in their village.

Here is the trailer for the early access launch.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization strays away from the city-builder formula. Instead, the game consists of 30 minutes to one-hour challenges. Each challenge is a new experience in a different location and the player can progress once they pass each challenge.

Players must make the right choices for their village and its people to thrive. If they don’t make the right choices, their village will be destroyed.

The early access launch of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization includes 140 total technologies to unlock, New quest systems, linking multiple missions for a greater reward, and the addition of boats, aquatic combat, and raids, It also includes a new playable region, the archipelagos which are known as “The Pebbles” and the removal of the technology tree and resource claiming from the UI and added them into the world for a more diegetic experience.

The game will continue to evolve with new updates through the early access phase. According to the game’s Steam page, the early access phase will last for about a year with the full release slated for the fall of 2022. The full version will also be much more refined, polished, and include more content.

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