Sker Ritual is a Co-op Survival FPS and Not a Horror Game

The Follow-up to Maid Sker, Sker Ritual, Is Not Going to Be a Horror Game

Sker Ritual is the sequel to British horror game Maid of Sker. The original game was set in 1898, with a Welsh lore that is about “a family empire driven by torture, slavery, piracy, and a supernatural mystery.” The horror backstory takes place in a real-life historical building found in Wales called the Sker House. 

sker ritual co op survival fps

Developer Wales Interactive announced today that Sker Ritual is the follow-up to that story. As seen in the recently released preview, it looks pretty similar to Maid of Sker—with a dark forest surrounding a cabin in flames. However, Sker Ritual is not going to be a horror game, but will, instead, be “a co-op survival FPS.” It will support both solo play and co-op mode that can allow up to four players. In case there was any doubt, Sker Ritual seems to not be a direct sequel, but a “spiritual successor.”

Sker Ritual players have to survive an onslaught from their supernatural enemies called The Quiet Ones—who, in turn, were first introduced into the series in the original game. Although they have many similarities—with Sker Ritual being a follow-up—it would seem that it is considerably faster paced than its predecessor.

Back in June, Maid of Sker received a major next-gen update, alongside four new FPS challenge game modes. With that said, some fans of the series are speculating that Sker Ritual may have been the end product of the previous tweaking. Each of the four modes reportedly changed the rules in a certain way, and the project may have possibly spun out into this full co-op game.

Maid of Sker received a lot of very positive reviews from the gaming community on Steam, and even got a 69/100 aggregate score on Metacritic. Fans are hopeful that Sker Ritual will be as good as the original, if not better, when it launches on PC in the second quarter of 2022.

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