Monster Crown Makes The Journey to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Today

Monster Taming Adventure 

It’s time for an adventure of monstrous proportions. Developer SOEDESCO’s monster taming RPG, Monster Crown, launches today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Monster Crown’s website provides details on the game including its mechanics and features. The Xbox and PlayStation editions of the game are following the Nintendo Switch and PC launches of October last year. 

Monster Crown promo art.

Monster Crown places players in the role of a monster tamer in a mysterious land: Crown Island. As the game progresses the player will learn the island’s dark history, full of sadistic and dark rulers and heroic saviors. As you journey you will meet monsters who you can make pacts with, breed, and fuse, to make new monsters. With over 200 base monsters to discover on the island, the game allows for over 1200 unique new monsters to be made through taming and breeding. 

Additionally, the choices the player makes in their adventure will determine their legacy. As the island faces its next threat, an evil young woman seeking ultimate power, will you and your monsters be saviors? Or will you turn out to be even worse tyrants than any before you? 

In addition to the launch of the game, Monster Crown gives players a glimpse of the gameplay and art style with a launch trailer. Set to an excitable voice-over, players will see similarities between the Pokémon games of old in art style. Yet, that’s where the similarities cease. 


Monster Crown launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today. The game costs $29.99. So, what kind of monster tamer will you become?