Genshin Impact Trailer Reveals New Dendro Element

Genshin Impact Devs Introduce Seventh and Final Element

Genshin Impact has constantly been getting updates. In fact, a new one, Update 2.8, is coming on July 13th. With the release of this upcoming update, developer HoYoverse officially announced to the gaming public that they are soon bringing out Dendro. Dendro is going to be the game’s seventh and final element. According to the devs, it is due for a debut alongside the massive 3.0 update later this fall.

Genshin Impact devs shared a trailer that gives fans a very detailed breakdown of what the element is. They also included the design philosophy that went into it. Devs heavily featured the Dendro element in the new Sumeru region. This region, in turn, is a lush forest that has many new gameplay mechanics. 

genshin impact trailer new dendro element

As seen in the video, Dendro has a variety of abilities, as well as three core design principles. These are life, wisdom, and catalysis. Devs purposely designed the element to make sense with Genshin Impact players and their corresponding environment.

Furthermore, it also comes with two new elemental reactions, namely Catalyze and Bloom. The former reaction will be between Hydro and Dendro. The second one, on the other hand, will be between Electro and Dendro.

These new Genshin Impact reactions are actually going to be critical when it comes to environmental interactions in the new Sumeru area. Fans may remember how Electro was essential to exploring Inazuma. Similarly, Dendro is also going to be vital for the exploration of Sumeru to uncover its secrets.

According to a previous leak, Update 3.0 is bringing new characters. Dori, Collei, and Tighnari will reportedly join Dendro-infused Travelers as characters that have special powers and abilities. Nothing much is known about the upcoming update other than that. Thankfully, devs are going to share further information in the weeks leading up to its late August rollout.

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