Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Su-Like Character

Genshin Impact Draws Another Inspiration From Honkai Impact 3rd

Genshin Impact has a new leak making its rounds all over the Internet. According to the leaker, the game is getting a character that seems to resemble Su from Honkai Impact 3rd.

Although the image that the leaker shared strongly looks like Su’s early character art, the character’s name is not going to be Su in Genshin Impact. Plus, it has also come to light that he will not be playable in Version 3.0. At the moment, the game is still in the middle of its Version 2.7 update. This update, in turn, introduced Kuki Shinobu and brand new events that players hugely enjoyed.

genshin impact leak su-like character

The picture that the Genshin Impact leaker shared is pretty blurry. With that said, it is a challenge to see it in greater detail. However, fans can pick out some of the prominent information from the image. For instance, they can ascertain the character’s chest showing a glowing green Vision—which is most likely a Dendro vision.

Data miners later confirmed that the image about the Su-like character is real. However, they did not reshare the photo “due to circumstances surrounding the leak.”

This is actually not the first time that Genshin Impact took inspiration from its sister game Honkai Impact 3rd. In fact, Yae Miko draws inspiration from Yae Sakura, and Raiden Shogun from Raiden Mei. Although the leaker is adamant that devs will not name the upcoming character Su, fans are expecting that the actual name will not be too far off.

Still, considering that this is a leak, Genshin Impact fans may want to take this information with a grain of salt. After all, the game’s Version 3.0is still a ways off. With that said, it is best that they set their expectations reasonably.

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