Genshin Impact Is Bringing Back Banners for Xiao and Ganyu

Genshin Impact is Re-Running Xiao and Ganyu Banners

Genshin Impact devs just revealed some information about the game’s upcoming banners. It looks like they have decided to re-run two of the franchise’s fan favorites. Banners for Xiao and Ganyu will be available during the title’s 2.4 update.

Banners are Genshin Impact’s Gacha mechanic. This feature allows players to pull and roll for new characters, or weapons, to add to their already existing parties.

genshin impact banners xiao ganyu

Xiao’s banner will be available on January 5th. This Anemo wielding polearm user is a favorite among fans. He will be accompanied by Chongyun, Ningguang, and Yun Jin, which is the game’s new Geo playable character.

A new Cryo character, Shenhe, is also going to be available for pulling that same day.

The next fan favorite, Ganyu, will be available on February 15th. She is a very powerful DPS character that combines her bow and her Cryo kit to give opponents devastating damage. She will be accompanied in the Adrift in the Harbor banner by Beidou, Xingqiu, and Yanfei.

MiHoYo has always spoiled the franchise’s following with the game’s banners. They tend to give their players a lot of banner options. This way, players have more chances of getting the characters that they want. After all, they have been saving up on their Primogems and Wish Pity.

Many Genshin Impact fans have not decided whether they should go for Ganyu or Xiao instead. Players who want to keep things simple can go for Ganyu. However, players who want a challenge during battle may want to go with Xiao instead.

Both of these strong characters became available about a year ago. Ganyu was out in 1.2, while Xiao came out an update later. MiHoYo’s decision to bring back their banners indicates that fans truly wanted and requested for them to come back.

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