Lost Ark’s Vykas Raid Is Coming Next Week After Multiple Delays

Lost Ark’s June Update Is Coming in June After All

Lost Ark’s next Legion Raid is Vykas. Devs initially planned to roll it out mid-June. However, the game’s development team became caught up in bot issues that pushed its release further. With that said, fans started to worry that devs would delay it up to July.

Thankfully, it looks like Lost Ark’s June update is going to happen in June after all. According to multiple reports, fans can expect the Vykas Raid to launch on June 30th. It may not be in mid-June as devs originally wanted. However, the unprecedented amount of bots in the game prompted the team to make the decision to delay its release.

lost ark vykas raid coming next week multiple delays

The team has been working toward long term solutions for the ongoing botting issue,” devs stated. “In early June, bots seemed to reach a new high in Lost Ark.” 

Since the rise of the bots, Lost Ark devs have been hard at work at “getting this situation under control.” The gaming community did notice their efforts and saw an improvement in the situation. “The work is not finished yet,” devs added. “Recent efforts including last week’s massive ban wave have had a very positive impact in terms of culling bots from Arkesia.”

Devs are going to release another statement some time next week to further discuss issues that involve the Vykas Raid. They are reportedly also going to answer questions in relation to other player complaints, such as “monetization and related systems.”

As mentioned, Lost Ark’s Vykas Raid is coming on June 30th with the rest of the June update. The update is also bringing new instances, such as a brand new Guardian Raid and Thronespire dungeon. Apart from adding new content, devs will continue to battle the game’s bot issues.

We are continuing to tackle this is as a top priority,” devs added.

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