Lost Ark Destroyer Class Isn’t Getting a New Powerpass

Lost Ark Is Getting a Reworked Destroyer Class

Lost Ark is getting the Destroyer Class as its newest warrior character. The character is arriving to the game in a reworked state. With that said, he will function as an entirely new character. Other than that, fans really do not have anything to go off of.

Unfortunately, Lost Ark players who are looking forward to using the Powerpass feature on the Destroyer will not be able to do so. Fans of the game are well aware that Powerpasses will help them completely skip a certain region within the game. These are consumable items that will also automatically give a higher item level.

lost ark destroyer class powerpass

It is very unfortunate that the Destroyer will not be among those classes that can use the Powerpass. That is, unless players were able to save a Powerpass from the game’s Glavier launch back in April. This suggests that players who do not currently have a Powerpass might have to level up the Destroyer right from scratch.

This is something very new to the Lost Ark franchise. After all, new classes always got a Powerpass alongside its launch. The studio’s Community Manager then reminded fans that other regions also did not have character releases as frequently as the NA region did. This was most likely what pushed devs to decide that not all new classes in the NA region are going to get a Powerpass.

The hammer-wielding Destroyer is actually the fourth warrior to join the game. This new class is joining the likes of Gunlancer, Paladin, and Berserker as specialization options. It is all about getting into the heart of the action since the Destroyer is built as one of the game’s ultimate front-liner options. He can disrupt thing by simply manipulating gravity itself.

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