Lost Ark’s Chaos Dungeons Are Not Launching Alongside South Vern

Lost Ark Fans Aren’t Too Happy With the Delay of New Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark is getting South Vern in five days. This is a new continent that will bring a new story line and region for Tier 3 players to enjoy. Unfortunately, players will not be getting access to the new Chaos Dungeons that were meant to accompany South Vern.

Lost Ark’s Community Manager confirmed to the gaming community that highly anticipated Chaos Dungeons were “not slated in for immediate release with South Vern at the moment.”

lost ark chaos dungeons not launching alongside south vern

Based on Lost Ark tradition, the beginning of a new continent comes with new Chaos Dungeons that always come with higher tier rewards. Fans already know that these Chaos Dungeons are daily activities that pits players against mobs of enemies. 

By beating their foes, they can get obtain important materials that they can use for honing their gear. With that said, new Chaos Dungeons would have given players more opportunities to accelerate the progress of their items that are level 1415 and above. 

According to the devs, deciding to delay the rollout of new Chaos Dungeons makes a lot of sense. “It makes a lot of sense for us to release 1415+ content in May,” the community manager said. They wanted to make sure that players are not too strong once the upcoming Abyss Raids and Guardian Raids begin.

Many Lost Ark fans agree with the devs’ decision. For many, this was a good move on their part in order to ensure that new content is not out too quickly. However, the slow progression has upset others.

Looks like we will not be getting the Chaos Dungeons with South Vern,” a Lost Ark player complained. “Amazon is really looking to slow our progression down, aren’t they?”

“I do not get why they would release a continent with no actual new content,” said another. “Honestly, if that is the case, I do not even see the point of releasing a new continent if the only thing you get from it is the story and the 1,000 stones you get from playing it.

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