Lost Ark Players Are Being Wrongly Banned Again

Multiple Lost Ark Players Want to Quit Following Ban Wave

Hundreds of Lost Ark players have taken to social media to share their dismay about being wrongly banned from the game again. Amazon Game Studios recently unleashed a ban wave for bots. However, it looks like average players got swept up in the trouble.

Just the fact that I was unfairly banned is turning me off to this game,” complained one Lost Ark player. “I am honestly quitting the game after this.”

Moreover, players are also not happy that devs are only responding to their complaints with bot replies. “It just tells me that AGS does not respect my time enough to give me a real response over this issue,” the player added.

lost ark players wrongly banned again

I do not even think AGS will do anything but wait until suspension ends on our accounts,” complained another. “They are just hoping people will forget this.”

The sheer amount of incompetence from AGS is baffling,” another Lost Ark fan wrote. “All they had to do was manage the game, not screw around too much, and communicate with people—and that is even too hard.”

The studio’s community manager confirmed that they are looking into this problem with their customer support department. The promise to update users with any information that they find.

“I know this process is often frustrating but it is important to file a ticket to have on record,” the rep said. “Please keep in mind that because I am not a member of the CS team and do not have support tools at my disposal, I cannot individually look into player accounts, information, or change the status of any bans directly.”

This is actually the second time that Lost Ark players supposedly got unfair bans. The rep said that the previous issue had links to “massive gold purchases” tied to third party gold selling websites.

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