Forgive Me Father, Retro Lovecraftian FPS, To Leave Steam Early Access

Defy Sanity, Embrace Madness 

Welcome to a world gone mad. You, my friend, are one of the last sane individuals. Byte Barrel’s retro FPS based on H.P Lovecraft’s mythos, Forgive Me Father, is leaving Early Access on April 7th. A press release provides details about this mad world and about your character’s place in it. Additionally the Forgive Me Father- The End is Near trailer, gives players a great look at the game. 

forgive me father

Forgive Me Father allows players to choose between two characters the Priest and the Journalist. As either character you become the last sane person in a world gone completely insane. In a retro-style world you will go on a journey looking for answers and face nightmares beyond human comprehension. As the player progresses through the Lovecraftian world they will upgrade their character, weapons, and skills. Additionally, players will need to battle the ever encroaching onset of madness to survive in this sanity defying world. 

The game features a 90’s theme when it comes to art style. The style meshes with an atmosphere of dread and horror that will be ever-present in the mind of the player. Surrounding you at all times is madness, hopelessness, horror, and the weight of the occult. In addition these themes are conveyed to the player through the End is Near trailer. The trailer also gives players a glimpse at the gameplay directly inspired by retro shooters. 

Forgive Me Father is leaving Steam Early Access on April 7th, 2022. Currently the game is available for $19.99. Additionally, the full launch will include 50% more levels and content than before. So, will you step into the madness and look for answers? Or will you fall prey to the endless nightmare.