It Consumes, Roguelike Arena Shooter, Announced for PC

Darkness and Horror 

Prepare to descend into a world of pitch darkness. A world full of horrific monstrosities, and you. Stuck in this abyss, there is no choice left but to fight the eldritch horrors that await. Solo developer Chris Parbery is happy to announce his first title, the roguelike arena shooter, It Consumes will be coming to PC. The highly stylized FPS combines roguelike elements with arena shooting chaos. A press release provides some more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the new reveal trailer for a glimpse of the action. 

It Consumes

It Consumes introduces players to an abyss of darkness. However, you aren’t alone down there in the pitch black. Players will use demonic sonar to reveal the world around them, as well as, whatever horrifying creatures lurk in the shadows. Of course, the game adopts Lovecraftian horrors as the main force of evil in the game. Players will battle their way through the darkness, upgrading their abilities, discovering hidden secrets and most of all climbing the leaderboards while competing with friends. 

Importantly, the game is highly stylized and aims to immerse players in its atmosphere. Of course, players will view the world through sonar pulses, highlighting horrific monsters in a red wave before fading once again into darkness. Players can check out the reveal trailer for a better look at the game. View it below. 

It Consumes is currently in development for PC. It is also available to wish list on Steam. So, are you ready for the darkness?